Do you have a Mobile App?

YES! The mobile app is a great alternative to accessing the parent portal on your mobile device, in-fact we recommend our customers to use it as it is more stable and optimized for mobile devices, unlike its web counterpart.

How do I Install the Mobile App?

apps-store-button google-play-button

Why does it say “The iClassPro App” when I tap on the download icon?

iClassPro is the software system that we use to enroll students into our program, they have provided their app for us to use.

I installed the App, but it’s asking for an “Organization Code” What is it?

The Organization Code is: LiveLoveSkate (with no spaces)

The app is asking me to login, what account do I use?

Use your existing LiveLoveSkate Parent Portal account to login.

I have never taken classes, nor have I ever created an account on your website before, can I sign up through the iClassPro App?

If you are completely new to our program and have never created an account online, please choose the “Create an Account” option after typing in the Organization Code.

What if I registered for classes in-person, at the Skate Counter, and have never used the online Parent Portal?

Even if you registered for classes in-person, you already have an existing account with us, the only difference is that we created it for you. You will need to gain access to your account via password reset.

Can I just create a new account?

NO! Please DO NOT create a new account from scratch if you have taken classes with us before/signed up in -person at the skate counter! If you create a new account, all of your existing information including payments, class confirmations, open skate pass, and test results will not be available to you in the parent portal. We can assure you that if you’ve taken classes with us before, you already have an account with us, you just have never accessed it.

How do I login to my already-existing account?

When getting to the Login screen, simply scroll down and choose the forgot password option and type in the primary e-mail address that you have on file (the e-mail address that you receive our e-mails from) this will send a validation code to your e-mail inbox and you can use that to login through the app where all your existing information will be available to you, it’s that simple!


How do I register for class?

LiveLoveSkate offers a safe and secure online registration through our parent portal or mobile app, which allows you to create a family account, enter student information, register for classes and review skill assessments.

To register through the iClassPro app, simply tap on “Bookings” > “Find a Class” > Select your Student then tap on “See Classes” > Pick your class > Tap on “Enroll Now!” > Confirm your Registration and tap on “Add to Cart” > If you are done picking classes tap on “Pay Now!” > Enter your Credit Card details and finish the payment. (Please note that the payment must successfully go through in order to be fully registered for a class)

What day/time are the classes held?

Please refer to the current updated schedule located under the “Learn to Skate” tab.

When does the current session end?

Please refer to the current updated schedule located under the “Learn to Skate” tab.

What is the cost for skating classes and what is included with the class fee?

*Applies to Basic Skills, Future Stars and Adult Programs*
The cost is $195 for an 8 week session. The fee you pay for the 8 week session includes one class per week consisting of a 45 minute class. Also included with this fee is the use of our rental skates, a medal/trophy upon completion of the session and Open Skating.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check and Cash for class registrations!
We accept all Major Credit Cards, Cash, Apple Pay and Google Pay for Open Skating!

Do you accept partial payments?

No, we require the full payment of $195 to join our group classes program.

What if we only want to take a certain number of classes?

Unfortunately we do not offer this option, as it throws off our instructor/student ratio, and temporarily takes a spot away from another student wishing to complete the entire course.

I/My child has never taken roller skating classes before. What level should I sign them up for?

If you or your child have never taken skating lessons before, please register for either Future Stars 1 (Ages 3½-5½), Level 1 (Ages 6-12½) or Adult Level 1(Ages 13+). If you have some skating experience and can easily perform all of the required skills, the instructor will work with you to find a more appropriate level when classes have begun.

I/My child has some skating experience, do we need to take Future Stars 1/Level 1/Adult Level 1?

If you have some skating experience and think you/your child can easily perform all of the required skills, please send us an e-mail (info@liveloveskate.com) to arrange an evaluation appointment during Open Skating, prior to the class starting, an instructor will work with you to find a more appropriate level.

What are the required skills per level?

The skills are located under the “Learn to Skate Tab” Please refer to your appropriate age category.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a $25 discount for siblings and parents taking lessons in the same session.

What is Open Skating and how much does it cost?

Our Open Skating Session is a fun way to skate freely in a circle, along to music and a great time for students to practice the skills they learned in class. The cost for admission is $7 and that includes Skate Rental! Open Skating is open to ANYONE who wishes to participate, including skaters who are not enrolled in a class.

What if I/My Child is enrolled in a class, is Open Skating included in my fee?

Yes, as of March 23rd 2020, Open Skating is now included with the group class fee. All students will receive an Open Skate Pass that they will need to scan during Open Skating in order to rent out/participate in Open Skating.

What is an Open Skate Pass?

The Open Skate Pass is a (QR Code) membership that is included for any enrolled students throughout any active group class session.

Where do I find the Open Skate Pass QR Code?

The Open Skate Pass QR Code is located inside the iClassPro App, you will need to download this app in order to be able to use your pass. Please refer to the instructions at the top of the page if you need help with this.

Do I have to scan the QR code?

Scanning your Open Skate QR code IS MANDATORY if your skater wishes to participate in Open Skating while having an Open Skate QR Code.

But why can’t you just look up my skater’s name?

This is for security purposes and since Open Skating is now part of the class fee, we need to verify the student who the Open Skate Pass belongs to, the QR code does just that.

What do I do if I don’t have the QR code?

If you aren’t the guardian that normally brings a skater to Open Skating you will still need to obtain the QR code. You can either have the usual guardian send you a screenshot of the code, or you will have to install the app and do a password reset to scan it. NO SKATER WHO HAS A QR CODE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN OPEN SKATING WITHOUT SCANNING IT, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Can I just access the QR code on the website version?

Currently, iClassPro does not have the QR code feature on the web version, you will need to download the iClassPro App to access it.

When is the last day I can use my Open Skate Pass?

The Open Skate Pass expires immediately after week 8 (after the test) of group classes.

Is there any time/day that the Open Skate Pass is not valid?

The Open Skate pass is valid for any normal Open Skate session except for any of the following: Fundraiser Event, Halloween Spooktacular, Holiday Skating Party, or any other type special event. We reserve the right to modify and change the availability of Open Skating any time we may need to.

Will I need to buy a new Open Skate Pass after it expires?

Your Open Skate Pass expires when the session of classes ends, in order to obtain another pass, you would need to enroll in a group class program.

Can we share the Open Skate Pass?

No, each enrolled student will have their OWN Open Skate Pass. There is no swapping of the pass between siblings, friends and family who are not enrolled.

Why do you no longer offer a physical Open Skate Pass (card)?

In the past we used to offer this option, but it was discontinued due to customers not remembering to bring their pass, or losing it frequently; this would cause a slow-down in the line while we had to manually check our records for the student’s name.

What does the Open Skate Pass look like now?

The Open Skate Pass is now a QR code that you can access through the iClassPro App. By using this method we hope to speed up the line wait time; since the pass will always be with you (on your mobile device)

How do I use my QR Code Open Skate Pass?

When you arrive for Open Skating simply scan the QR code and once we verify the skater you will be handed your skates, it’s that simple!

I/my child used to attend classes in the past, but aren’t enrolled now, do we qualify for the Open Skate Pass?

No, our Open Skate Pass is only available to students who are actively enrolled in a session.

Do you offer the Open Skate Pass to non-students?

No, the idea behind our Open Skate Pass is to incentivize our students to come to practice often. If you are not enrolled in a class you will have to pay the $7 admission every time you come to Open Skating.

How many students are in each class?

The student/teacher relationship of 12:1 will be maintained whenever possible, with the exception of the Future Stars 1 class which will have a ratio of 12:2. Extra instructors are used to assist with classes whenever necessary and when enrollment exceeds the student/teacher ratio. Classes with less than five skaters registered may be combined with other age groups and/or other levels.

Are roller skates provided?

Yes, traditional quad roller skates are provided for use at the rink during your skating lessons. The skates must be returned at the end of each class. If you have not worn skates before, please arrive at least 20 minutes early to your first class to make sure you have enough time to be fitted for skates. It is required that all skaters have socks in order to use our skates!

What do I do when I arrive for class?

When you arrive for a class please line up in the check-in line so we can mark you present, be ready to provide the name of the skater’s class, their name and what size skates they need.

What size skate should I/my child ask for?

Generally your skates should be one size smaller than your shoe size. For women, we recommend going down two sizes from your shoe size because the skates are mens sizes. The skates should fit snug and there should be no room for the foot to move inside of the skate. If you are unsure, please come early for your class and ask us for help. If you are struggling with inserting the foot, loosen the laces to allow the foot to slide in easier. Make sure to tighten all of the laces from toe to ankle before tying.

Do I need to buy roller skates for my skater?

You DO NOT need to buy skates. As a matter of fact, we do not recommend that you buy skates because many of the cheaper options are very poor quality and will hurt you/your child’s progress in the class.

What time should I arrive for my/my child’s class?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class time in order to allow time to check-in, use the restroom, get a drink and put on the skates!

What should I/my child wear/bring?

It is required that all skaters have socks in order to use our skates! Socks are available for sale at the rental counter for $2 in case you do not have them. We recommend wearing comfortable athletic clothes to allow for the skater to move freely. No jeans, skirts or dresses please.

Is protective gear required?

All adults are required to wear wristguards. They are available for purchase at most sporting goods stores or you may purchase them with us at the skate rental counter for $20.
We encourage all parents to use their best judgement in deciding whether or not their child should wear protective gear/helmet. It is not required.

What is the make up policy?

Skaters are allowed only TWO make ups per session, by attending the same level class on another day that it is offered.  It is mandatory that you request a makeup class 24 hours in advance, THE LATEST. Please send an email to makeupclass@liveloveskate.com or speak with our staff at the rental counter to schedule your make up. All make ups MUST be completed within the current 8 week session. NO make ups or class credit will be given for classes missed after the session is completed.

How do makeups work for Adult Classes?

Since we no longer offer an Adult class on Wednesdays, Adult students would need to take two classes back to back on Saturday to serve a makeup. You still need to schedule the makeup in advance to attend.

Why is it only two makeups, didn’t it used to be more?

In the past we allowed makeups as they were needed, we had to change our policies due to this policy being heavily abused by many patrons. You are only allowed 2 makeups, please plan accordingly when planning to sign up for classes.

What if I will be traveling for a few weeks during the session?

If you think you are going to miss more than two classes for the session, we strongly advise to plan a registration accordingly before registering. There will be no more than TWO makeup classes allowed per session, If more than 2 classes are missed, there will be no re-reimbursement.

Can we just walk-in for a makeup?

Absolutely Not! Attempting to schedule a makeup on the spot takes time and causes a slow down for the people waiting in line, we also need to know in advance how many students we will be having for the day and your makeup request needs to be approved and inputted into our attendance system. In order to achieve this, you are required to send us a makeup class request to makeupclass@liveloveskate.com no later than 24 hours prior to the desired makeup class date.

Do I need to schedule a make up if LiveLoveSkate cancels a class?

No, there is no need to schedule a make up if we cancel the classes. In the event of a cancellation, the class will be made up for, by adding a week to the end of the session.

How long does it take to pass each level?

Each level is built off the fundamentals learned in previous levels and each skater progresses at their own pace. It normally takes one to three sessions to pass a level. Coaches often determine that skaters should repeat certain levels for reinforcement before moving on to the next. Practice makes perfect!

We are going on an extended vacation (Longer than a month). What level should I register my child for when we return?

If you are going away for an extended period of time, an evaluation is required to re-assess the skater before registering for the next level. Please send an email to info@liveloveskate.com or speak with our staff at the rental counter to schedule your evaluation.

Do you offer free trials?

YES! We have free trials before the start of every session (approx. every 8/9 weeks). Check our website for updates on trial dates/times. We do not offer free trials during open skating or during classes!

Can we use inline skates during your classes?

Yes, you can use inline skates, but please be aware that there are some skills taught in classes that cannot be done on inline skates. For beginners especially, we recommend starting on traditional quad skates. The transition from quad to inline in the future is fairly easy and does not require any special instructions.


Page Last Updated: 3/9/20