Future Stars Program (Ages 3-5)

The Future Stars Program is designed to target children ages 3-5. It is different than our other classes because the classes are slower paced, specifically targeting the younger skater. We use more games and obstacle courses to teach the children the skills in order to keep their attention and make the class fun. After graduating Future Stars 4, the students move to Advanced Future Stars until they are ready to join the figure skating class with older children.

Future Stars 1:

  • Standing Up
  • Marching
  • Forward Squat
  • Two Foot Slalom
  • Balance on One Foot
  • Toe Stop

IMG_8754-2 Future Stars 2:

  • V-Strides
  • One Foot Glide
  • Forward Scissors
  • Two Foot Jump
  • Backward Skating
  • Backward Squat
Future Stars 3:

  • One Foot Glide
  • Forward Scissors
  • Forward Scooter Pushes
  • Combined Pushes
  • Backward Skating
  • Backward Squat
  • Backward Scissors
  • Backward Toe Stop
FullSizeRender Future Stars 4:

  • Advanced Two Foot Jump
  • Advanced One Foot Glide
  • Forward Crosses
  • T-Stop
  • Shoot the Duck
  • Backward Scissors
  • Backward One Foot Glide