What should I/My Skater wear for skating classes?

We recommend wearing comfortable athletic clothes to allow for the skater to move freely. No jeans, skirts or dresses please.

Socks are required to use our rental skates. If you/your skater forgot to wear socks, we have some available for purchase at the skate rental counter for $2.

Do I/my child need to buy roller skates for the class?

You do not need to buy skates, rental skates are included with your membership for class, however if you wish to do so, please talk to Coach Susan about recommendations. We sell skates!

What time should I arrive for my/my child’s class?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class time in order to allow time to check-in, use the restroom, get a drink and put on the skates!

Are roller-skates provided? Do we get to rent them for outside use?

Traditional quad roller skates are provided for use at the rink during your skating lessons.

The skates must be returned at the end of each class.

If you have not worn skates before, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to your first class to make sure you have enough time to be fitted for skates.

It is required that all skaters have socks in order to use our skates!

Can we use inline skates during your classes?

Yes, you can use inline skates, but please be aware that there are some skills taught in classes that cannot be done on inline skates. For beginners especially, we recommend starting on traditional quad skates. The transition from quad to inline in the future is fairly easy and does not require any special instructions.

Is protective gear required?

All adults are required to own/wear a pair of wrist guards.

They are available for purchase at most sporting goods stores, online through the Parent Portal via our Pro-Shop, or at the skate rental counter.

We encourage all parents to use their best judgement in deciding whether or not their child should wear protective gear/helmet, however It is not required.

What do I do when I arrive for class?

When you arrive for a class please line up in the check-in line so we can mark you present. Be ready to provide the name of the skater’s class, their name and what size skates they need.

What size skate should I/my child ask for?

Generally your skates should be one size smaller than your shoe size. For women, we recommend going down two sizes from your shoe size because the skates are men sizes.

The skates should fit snug and there should be no room for the foot to move inside of the skate. If you are unsure, please come early for your class and ask us for help.

If you are struggling with inserting the foot, loosen the laces to allow the foot to slide in easier. Make sure to tighten all of the laces from toe to ankle before tying.

What if I/my child bring(s) a pair of roller-skates from home, do we still need to check-in at the skate rental counter?

Even if you/your skater own a pair of skates, it is still a requirement to check-in for class, at the skate rental counter. Failure to do so will result in you/your skater being marked absent from the class.

You do not need to line up with everyone else, you may come to the far end of the counter and tell us the name of the skater.