Basic Skills Program (Ages 5+)

Each level is built off of the fundamentals learned in previous levels and each skater progresses at their own pace. Coaches will evaluate skaters weekly and will move skaters to the next level as deemed appropriate. Allowing your skater the opportunity to practice during open skating in addition to their class time will accelerate their confidence on wheels and will allow them to learn the more difficult skills with ease.

Intro to Roller Skating

Standing Up

Forward Skating (V-Steps)

Forward Two Foot Glide

Two Foot Slalom

Toe Stop

Forward Squat

Intro to Forward Scissors

Level 1

Forward One Foot Glide (L+R 3 sec)

Forward Scissors

Forward Scooter Pushes (L+R)

Combined Scooter Pushes

Shoot the Duck

Level 2

Shoot the Duck

Forward One Foot Glide (L+R 5 sec)

Forward Jump

Backward Skating

Backward Two Foot Glide

Backwards Squat

Backward Scissors

Backward Toe Stop

Level 3

Backward 1 Foot Glide (L+R 3 sec)

Backward Two Foot Jump

Forward Crosses (CW + CCW)

Backward Crosses (CW + CCW)

Mohawk Turn (CW + CCW)