What do I need to do to sign up for a class membership?

Before signing up for a class membership, everyone must create an account with our facility, online. LiveLoveSkate offers a safe and secure online registration either through the browser-based Parent Portal or mobile app (iClassPro), which allows you to create a family account, enter student information and register for classes.

How do I login to my already-existing account?

When getting to the Login screen, simply scroll down and choose the forgot password option and type in the primary e-mail address that you have on file (the e-mail address that you receive our e-mails from) this will send a validation code to your e-mail inbox and you can use that to login through the app where all your existing information will be available to you, it’s that simple!


What if I registered in the past when in-person registration was the only way to sign up for classes, and don’t have a portal account?

Even if you registered for classes in-person with us years ago, you already have an existing account with us, the only difference is that we created it for you. You will need to gain access to your account via password reset. Please DO NOT create a new account as all of your existing information including enrollments, payments, skill tracking etc will not be available to you on a new account.

How do I create an account?

Browser: Visit the Parent Portal website, if you are new, select the “create account” button, and follow the instructions.

iClassPro App: After installing the app you will be asked to type in the “Organization Code,” type in LiveLoveSkate (No spaces) then tap on “Create Account.”

How do membership fees work?

Memberships are charged via auto-pay, on the 23rd of each month, until you inform Live Love Skate that you no longer wish to continue.

It is the member’s responsibility to alert Live Love Skate if they no longer wish to continue, before the auto-pay charges are run.

Why do you run the Auto-Pay on the 23rd of the month?

We do this to ensure that we can offer the spots of students who are planning on dropping their membership, to new students looking to enroll in classes that are currently full.

Can I/my skater try out one or two classes to see if I/my skater like(s) it?

Sorry, we do not offer trials during class timings, nor do we offer a custom amount of classes, our classes are offered as a monthly package.

We do however offer trials during our Open Skating hours, please send us an email to schedule a trial with us.

How do I stop my enrollment?

Please send us an e-mail (info@liveloveskate.com) to inform us that you would like to stop your enrollment, or let us know in person while attending class.

You must notify us no later than the 22nd day of each month that you do not wish to be included in the next month of classes.

Do you offer refunds or credit on classes?

Once the charge goes through, all sales are final and there are absolutely no refunds or credits on accounts. In the event of an emergency, injury, or illness, please contact us through e-mail.

We understand that not all kids will enjoy roller-skating, or will do well in an environment with so much going on around them, so for this reason we urge parents to book a trial through the online portal, which will be held during our Open Skate sessions to see how their child reacts, before deciding to commit and sign for our group classes.

Do you offer trials? How much do they cost?

YES! We offer trials to NEW students looking to get a feel of being on roller-skates and and to get mini sample of how our lesson program works.

The fee for a trial is $15 per student.

You may stay for Open Skate after your time-slot ends, but you must clear the trial area.

If you have taken classes with us prior, you do not need a trial.