I/my skater missed several classes, can we make them all up?

No, as stated in the terms and conditions that you agreed to when signing up for group classes we can only offer one makeup per month. Makeups do not carry over and we can not offer any missed makeups from pervious months.

We have many students that come throughout the week besides your class day and many are in need of a makeup as well. We cannot disrupt the size of the class by overflowing it with too many makeups, that is not fair for the students who enrolled in that particular day and wish to receive an equal amount of attention by the instructor.

How many makeups do you offer?

We offer only ONE makeup per student, per month.

How do I request a makeup class for myself/my skater?

If you/your skater missed class, a makeup token will be created for you when you are marked as absent. The best way to request a makeup is by sending us an e-mail: info@liveloveskate.com or by requesting it at the skate rental counter if you know in advance that you will be missing a class in the future.

I/My skater am/is missing class how do I notify LiveLoveSkate?

If you/your skater is missing class you do not need to notify Live Love Skate Academy. We take attendance during the check-in process and anyone who doesn’t show up for class is marked as absent.