My child has never taken roller skating classes before. What level should I sign up for?

If your child has never taken skating lessons before, and their age is between 5.5-14, please register for Intro to Roller Skating.

If your child has never taken skating lessons before, and their age is between 3½-5, please register for Future Stars 1.

I am trying to register for a class online, but it is saying to “waitlist” what does that mean?

When you see this status it means that the class you are attempting to enroll in has reached its maximum capacity and no further enrollments can be taken at this time. If this time-slot is the only one that works for your skater you are more than welcome to add your student to the waitlist in order to get priority when a slot for that class opens up.

Please note that we go in the order that people have waitlisted when contacting about class availability.

Why do I need to add a card on file for a Waitlist Enrollment? Will I be charged?

A card on file is required in order to ensure that the waitlist enrollment requested is valid. Even though you are being asked to provide a card on file, you will NOT be charged for requesting a Waitlist Enrollment. We will contact you once a spot becomes available to confirm your enrollment before proceeding with charges.

My child has some skating experience, which class should I pick?

If your child has some skating experience and can easily perform all of the required skills located under Intro to Roller Skating/Future Stars 1, please email us to schedule an evaluation on Friday during open skate.

How long does it take to pass each level?

Each level is built off the fundamentals learned in previous levels and each skater progresses at their own pace. It normally takes 2-3 months to pass a level for ages 5+ and 4-6 months for ages 3-5. Your coach will let you know when it is time for the skater to move to the next level.

What are the required skills per level?

The skills are located under the Class Descriptions tab.

Do you offer classes for Adults?

Yes! If you are looking for an Adult only class, please refer to our schedule for more information regarding the times and prices.

Is it possible to join my child in the same class?

If both you and your child are starting rollerskating together, you may join their Intro to Rollerskating class if you wish. Do be aware that this is a class intended for kids ages 5-12, so the structure of the class will be taught to fit that age range.

If your child is more advanced (Levels 1-3) you will need to be able to perform the skills from prior levels in order to join them.

We are going on an extended vacation (Longer than a month). What level should I register my child for when we return?

If you are going away for an extended period of time an evaluation will be required to re-assess the skater before re-registering for classes.

Please send an email to or book an evaluation on a Friday during open skate.